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Clash Of Clans Private Servers 2022 [No Root/Jailbreak] Download Now

Clash Of Clans Private Servers 2022 [No Root/Jailbreak]

Clash of Clans was never a loving game until you tried these best hacks of COC or to be apt – Best COC Private Servers that actually work. Clash of Clans Private Servers require no root and no jailbreak and hence it will be a very easy process to get all the latest working clash of clans private server on your Android or iPhone. Before landing into various COC Server hacks let us first know what really are they and how they enhance the gamer’s ability while you are playing Clash of Clans on these private servers.

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What are COC Private Servers?

As the term itself answers – “Clash of Clans Private Servers”; which means one can access another version or another World of Clash of Clans Game wherein the Gamer have full control over its server as it has got a lot of things to offer which separates it from SuperCell Servers of Clash of Clans. At times we get bored by the Official Supercell COC Servers and we often want to explore the possibilities one can have when you have unlimited customisations enabled along with unlimited gems to spend and which is why Clash of Clans Private Servers come into the picture.

Our Clash of Clans private server is a specially developed server that hosts the game in question. All online-related games are hosted on specialized servers. Usually, those servers are enough for most gamers. They are reliable and constantly upgraded. The Clash of Clans private server is the more advanced type of a server, reserved for more advanced gamers. As such, it is capable of far bigger things.

Earlier COC Private Server Switch was in huge demand until COC Switcher APK was replaced with easy Clash Of Clans Private Servers that can take huge loads without getting hanged and also offer better security when it comes to preserving of Gamers data just like Original COC SuperCell game. Clash of Clans Private Server Switcher Apk failed to provide users with promised security which was not good at all.

Because the private server is developed by the game fans and it is used only by highly addictive gamers, it is perfect for individuals who want to get the most from this game. Yes, besides standard features, there are a few more advantages you will get. Important: All standard features of Clash of Clans are fully supported by the private server!

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Clash of Clans private servers existed since a long time but in this 2019 we bring you the working or tested Coc private servers which will enable you to enjoy the real-time game experience of Clash Of Clans with your own modifications and lots of bonuses attached. You might have seen various sites that claim to provide you with Updated COC Private Server but fail to deliver the same as most of the times their download links do not work or are attached with binder apks that can steal your data. But here at COCPrivateServerNow we are committed to providing you with the best and the updated Clash of Clans Private Servers so that you can enjoy playing COC while we earn trust.

2022 Clash Of Clans Private Servers Features Explained

As we already mentioned, there are quite a lot advantages the private server has. Besides the fact you are getting a lot more, you are spared from annoying elements of the game. Yes, you are reading this right! In the official game, you must use real money in order to buy gems and you must wait for a longer period of time in order to open chests. All of this is annoying unless you are planning to spend thousands of dollars. On the Coc private server, these drawbacks have been deleted!

Private Servers 2019 COC Features
Unlimited Resources and Features of Clash Of Clans Private Servers 2019

COC Private Servers comes with the following features that will surely attract your attention if you are here reading this hack post of Clash of Clans without getting banned.

Free Gems and GoldUnlimited Gems and Gold in COC

You are going to get unlimited amounts of gold and gems on Clash of Clans private server. The actual game is freemium, which means that you can play it for free, but you can get extra features if you use actual money to buy in-game resources. On the private server, you don’t have to spend real money. In a matter of fact, you cannot spend it even if you want. As a member, you get the unique possibility to use unlimited gold and gems. The bottom line is that with this upgrade, you can play Clash of Clans as you really want and like the game was developed in the first place. Keep in mind that with these resources, the game is at least hundreds of times more interesting and more fun to play. Wars and battles are astonishing and they cannot be explained with words. You must try them!

Play Custom ModesMethod to Play Custom Mode in COC Private Server

The game itself is very straightforward, but there is a way you can play it in a different way. The real power of Clash of Clans is in the custom modes. There are a lot of different modes that can be played with friends and you can even make the new ones. The official server doesn’t support this, and even if you try to use them, you will be banned! On the private server, you won’t have this issue and you can play as long as you want mods you or your friends made.

Improved stability of a ServerHow to Increase stability in COC Private Server

Maybe it sounds contradictory, but theprivate server for Clash of Clans is more reliable than the official one. Why? More than 100 million gamers play the game on the official server, therefore it isn’t possible to expect some superior reliability. On the Clash of Clans private server this number is lower, so you can enjoy in amazing stability. An interesting fact is that the official server constantly has potential hack attacks. Our private one doesn’t! It has the same features as the famous COC server powered by fhx. Our premium server can easily connect multiple player upto tens of thousands. Surveys have indicated that our players are very happy with the performances of our COC private server.

Friendly battlesCOC Private Server Battles Unlocked

In all games, fighting with your teammates or friends isn’t possible. In fact, it is strictly forbidden. However, we all know how fun this type of a battle is. On our private server, you can have friendly battles at any given moment. If we add the fact that both of you get unlimited gems and gold, you can get an idea how interesting these battles are. Of course, you can communicate with your friend and choose the suitable moment for a battle. As we already mentioned, our private server supports all the standard features, including the in-game communication. This is facilitated by the list of players available to you all of the time in the handy sub-menu.

You don’t have to waitplay without having to wait in Clash Of Clans Private Servers

Most of the games such as Clash of Clans are time-consuming, meaning that you need a lot of time in order to complete an action. This is developed by the gaming company in order to “’force’’ you buy gems. We all know that with gems and gold you can reduce the waiting time. On our server, you don’t have to wait, nor have you to pay for this privilege. All troops can be instantly trained, all constructions built and etc. Try it and you will see the difference.

Additional advantages

Besides the aforementioned advantages of the Clash of Clans private server, there are a few more. In essence, you will have access to unlimited elixr and dark elixir as well. Together with the gold and gems, you can play the game in the same way as you have just invested thousands of dollars. You may know how interesting then, the game would be. Try to remember that our private server is updated constantly. It has to be matched to the original server, therefore you won’t be able to experience any difference, except the mentioned advantages. We are also constantly upgrading the security, so your safety will be at the highest level.

No Rules to govern the Game

If you are like me who do not want to stick to the game rules then Clash Of Clans Private Servers is the best solution as one need not obey the game rules, like sticking to the time period to build huts or walls etc.

Strong Community

As we earlier discussed that like-minded people come to battle in Clash Of Clans Private Server and therefore you get a healthy competition while you fight with your troops in the game.


As you have got the Unlimited Resources in COC Private Servers which means you will never run out of Elixir or Gems. This enables users to get the best out of the resources and continue playing as you enjoy these private servers of Clash Of Clans.

Get Trained Efficiently

As you get all features unlocked in one go, therefore you can practise your real gaming skills of COC in this full unlocked game and then put them to use in SuperCell based Servers of COC.

This is not all, the best part of Clash Of Clans Private Servers is- You can install COC Private Server on any Android Phone without rooting and also Play COC with Unlimited Resources on iOS without Jailbreaking. Many times people who come to install Private Servers get disappointed when they come to know that they would have to root their device in case of Android and Jailbreak iOS device which voids or compromises with Device security and warranty.

COC Private Server
Clash of Clans Private Server

Updated Clash Of Clans Private Servers 2019 Download

Now its time that we start rolling to actual servers that are working with Clash Of Clans to unlock all the features such as unlimited gems, elixir, dark elixir, troops etc. Based on the various Clash Of Clans hacks like Speed of COC Private Server, Customisations offered, Reliability, Updates and Security features, COC Private Servers can be classified as follows:

  1. Clash Of Clans FHX Servers
  2. Clash Of Lights Server of COC
  3. Clash Of Magic Private Server of Clash Of Clans
  4. Clash Of Souls Server of COC
  5. Clash Of Null Server
  6. Miro Clash Of Clans Private Server
  7. Clash of Phoenix Private Server COC
  8. COC Private Server of Plenix Clash

We will now have the features of each and every server along with the variety that these exclusive updated COC Private servers have to offer along with Download and installation instructions via COC Private Server APK free download or Clash of Clans Private Server ipa file download.

Note: We do not recommend to try the real username of SuperCell while playing or testing these Clash Of Clans Private Server Apk as that might lead to banning of your SuperCell COC Account. Therefore, Try to create new username when you are trying or playing COC Private Server Game.

#1 FHX Clash Of Clans Private Server

Download Latest FHX Server Working APK for Android iOS
Latest FHX Server Download APK working

Understanding any COC Private Server prior to its installation will lead to better gameplay. COC FHX Private servers come packed with following features:

  • FHX works on both Android devices that are rooted and non-rooted. Alongside this, FHX COC Private Server ipa file can be installed on both Jailbreaked or Non-Jailbreaked iOS devices.
  • With FHX COC Hack you get acess to Unlimited Resources, which means you can have Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold or Coins, Unlimited Elixir, Dark Elixir.
  • You can upgrade your troops without actually increasing townhall levels.
  • One can Unlock everything mainly Towers like Dragon Tower, Archer Tower etc with this FHX Server.
  • There is no limitation in making up your troop or army. One is free to make an army of any size while you battle with your opponent in FHX Clash Server.

These are just a few of the features that your FHX comes loaded with.

How to Install FHX COC Private Server on Android Phone
  1. Download FHX Server APK file for Android from our Download Page.
  2. Uninstall Official COC by Supercell Server. Bypass if already done.
  3. Head over to the settings of your Android Phone And Security Preferences.
  4. Enable “Installation of Unknown resources” by checking the box.
  5. Now Install FHX Server Apk on your phone and Open the Game.
  6. Connect to the COC Private Server via FHX Apk and enjoy the unlimited resources.
How to Install COC FHX Server on iOS or iPhone/iPad
  1. Download FHX Server ipa file on your Computer.
  2. Make sure that you have Cydia Impactor installed on your PC.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad in which you want to install FHX Private server via USB.
  4. Now open Impactor and drag and drop FHX Server ipa file onto it.
  5. It will ask for your iTunes ID and Password (Sometimes App Specific Password). Enter the same and wait for the installation to be completed.
  6. You will now be able to Play FHX COC Server on iPhone.

We do have dedicated post explaining How To Install COC Private Server on iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad) along with Video tutorial. Do hit it up if you can not catch up above steps.

Clash Of Clans Private Server APK FHX Server Free Downloads

This is not all about FHX COC Servers as there comes different versions of FHX Servers depending upon the performance and availability. Here are the well known FHX Servers of COC:

  1. FHX Server X
  2. FHX Server DSG
  3. FHX Server A
  4. FHX Server B
  5. FHX Server SG

Every individual COC FHX Server differs from each other in Customisation levels as some might allow more addition of troops or unlocking of more resources. The same can be experienced by trying out them one by one or following the Video of Different Working FHX Clash of Clans Private Servers.

Video Tutorial To Download FHX Servers for Phone

#2 COC Private Server of Clash Of Lights

Latest Clash Of Lights Server APK download
Clash Of Lights Server S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S10 APK Download

COL or Clash Of Lights Private Servers adds up the cream to the COC Private Servers as it is more secure and reliable when compared to FHX Servers. Here are the basic features of Clash of Lights Private Servers of COC:

  • Clash of lights server apk works perfectly with C# Emulators.
  • Servers of Clash of Lights are faster than FHX Servers.
  • Less Chance of data theft as it offers good security fixes above FHX server.
  • One might experience less lags while you connect to Clash Of Lights Server.
  • Alongside all benefits of FHX Servers like access to Unlimited Resources of Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Troops, Clash Of Lights Private Server Unlocks all Heroes, Troops and Characters in COC Game.
  • Clash Of Lights Apk can be installed on Android Phone and Clash Of Lights ipa file can be installed on iOS running iPhone or iPad.
  • Clash Of Light Private server protects you from DDOS attacks which is a huge benefit as users data remains safe.
  • You get Unlimited Everything with the minimum limit of 100 Millions of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir etc in this COC Private Server app.
How To Install Clash Of Lights S1/S2/S3/S4 Private Server APK on Android

Installation of any Clash Of Light Server Apk is easiest of all as it requires following quick steps:

  1. Download Clash Of Light APK file (Server of your choice S1/S2/S3/S4) for Android from our Download Page.
  2. Uninstall Official COC by Supercell Server. Bypass if already done.
  3. Head over to the settings of your Android Phone And Security Preferences.
  4. Enable “Installation of Unknown resources” by checking the box.
  5. Now Install the Clash of Light preferred private Server APK on your phone and Open the Game.
  6. Connect to the COC Private Server via Clash of Light Apk and enjoy the unlimited resources and security offered with DDOS protected Clash Light Servers.
Install Clash Of Lights ipa File on iPhone/iPad

With so many fake tutorials circulating around that claims to Install COC Private Server on iOS powered iPhone or iPad but fail to do so. We at the same time provide the updated and working Clash Of Lights ipa file that can be installed on iPhone or iPad with these steps:

  1. Download Clash Of Light ipa file on your Computer. It can be Clash Of Lights S2 ipa or any which you have downloaded.
  2. Make sure that you have Cydia Impactor installed on your PC.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad in which you want to install Clash Of Lights Private server via USB.
  4. Now open Impactor and drag and drop COL S2 Private Server ipa file onto it.
  5. It will ask for your iTunes ID and Password (Sometimes App Specific Password). Enter the same and wait for the installation to be completed.
  6. You will now be able to Play Clash Of Light based Private Server of COC on iPhone.
Types Of Clash Of Lights Game APK Download

Clash Of Light Private Game server also comes with different types which are distinguished on the basis of the Server zone availability and user loads. Here are different types of Clash Of Light Servers:

  1. Clash Of Light S1 Server
  2. COC Clash Of Light S2 Private Server
  3. Clash Of Light S3 Private Server
  4. Clash Of Lights S4 Private Server
  5. Clash Of Lights S10 or S11 or S5 Server

Amongst them, Clash Of Light S2 Apk is most famous of all as it contains all the mods that COC Private server offers in the game.

Here is the gameplay and working download link of Clash of Lights S10 Server APK on Android phone which is working very well with latest MOD.

Clash of Lights 2019 S10 Server Latest APK Download+Gameplay

Every other Clash Of Clans Private Server in 2019 keep differing from each other in terms of more updates on Security and how much load it can balance with the smooth functioning while it provides SuperCell Like Server with Unlimited Unlocked resources and COC Hacks.

Install Latest Clash Of Clans Private Server on PC/Laptop

One can easily install Updated Clash of Clans Private Server 2019 on PC or Laptop too by simply following these quick steps.

  1. Download any of the Working Clash of Clans Private Serves (FHX or Clash Of Lights or Clash Of Magic or Clash Of Souls etc from above in the post).
  2. Install Bluestacks App on your Windows or Mac PC/Laptop
  3. Double Click COC Private Server you downloaded and Wait for the installation of Clash Of Clans Private Server APK to be completed on your bluestacks.
  4. Open the COC Private Server apk you installed and enjoy the unlimited everything hacked clash of clans apk.

This was the quick 4 step tutorial to play Clash of Clans Private Server on PC or Laptop.

Difference between COC Private Server and COC SuperCell Server(Official)

The differences between the unofficial and official Clash of Clans Servers are as follows-

  • SuperCell COC Servers are limited to the customisations until and unless you unlock those by spending some money or completing missions in the game, whereas updated COC Private Servers comes with all levels unlocked with a huge amount of customisations permissible.
  • With COC Private Servers, you have access to Unlimited Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir which means you do not have to spend money buying Gems or completing levels or attack to get more gems and elixirs in Clash of Clans anymore.
  • Tweaking COC Official Supercell servers will lead to a ban of your Official Gamer account in Clash Of Clans whereas in Private Servers of Clash of Clans you can do customisations to the level you want without getting banned.
  • You get to interact with the community of your thinking as the people using COC Private Server generally look to fight with all resources unlocked and thereby see a fair war in Clash of Clans Private Servers.

These were few of the drastic differences between the two of the servers of Clash Of Clans. Now let us jump to the feature of COC Private Servers that are updated.

How Do COC Private Servers Work?

Clash Of Clans Private Servers unlike COC Official SuperCell Servers are created by the group of users or community with custom features enabled like Unlimited Gems and host the same on servers that are secured with various algorithms.

Original COC Servers are hosted at SuperCell Servers. Custom or Private COC Servers are offshore hosted which results in better security and more faster responses than actual COC Servers across the world.

Working of COC Private Servers can be described as follows:

  • You install the updated COC Private Server Apk or ipa file on your phone.
  • Login with your SuperCell ID or create new one
  • Connect to the Private Server of Clash Of Clans
  • Get the Unlimited Resources unlocked

Here you will find players that have installed the same server on their phone as well, which means the official players of Supercell COC will not be able to interact with you while you are playing on COC Private Servers.

How to play Clash of Clans on our private server

Our Clash of Clans private server project is designed to be simple and fast, not complicated. As such, playing the game is simple and as you may believe, it doesn’t require any special requirements. In fact, it completely replaces standard Clash of clans private server switcher. This is an app for Android and iOS devices that have to be installed on your smartphone. Once you install it, you will have to run it and choose the server.

This project is easy to use and it is stable. Stable means that it has no bugs and you won’t need to reinstall it in any case. Obviously, you are going to need an internet connection. Clash of Clans private server apk file is supported by all OS versions. It will work without a problem on older devices. In addition, after downloading the file, it will be stored in your download folder, usually on the SD card. Locate it and install it. Then, you will see an icon on the home screen.

Our private server comes with an easy to follow description on how to generate every gem you will every need and an easy-to-follow tutorial for additional features for every god you can find in this game. None of the villages will ever be safe, whenever you connect yourself to us!

Clan wars on the Clash of Clans private server

Clan wars are the main element of the game and they are the most important one as well. Playing clan wars on the official server is sufficient, but playing it on our, private server is simply amazing. First of all, you will be able to perform much larger battles, which involve a lot more soldiers and a lot more possibilities. Because there are no standard limitations, your wars can take as long as you want and can be done in a way you want it. For example, on the official server, you get one day to prepare and one day for war. Most gamers don’t like this limitation, so they opted to Clash of Clans private server.

After a war, you will get a bonus which can be used for repairing or improving your troops and your empire. There is no point in repeating that you can even attack your clan mates, therefore it is possible to play the game on completely new levels. Betrayals and spies are something you like? Play the game on our server and you can be either of these two.

Thanks to the unlimited resources, recovery after a war is much simpler and doesn’t take forever, as on the game’s official server. In essence, you will be prepared for a second war much sooner.

Massive clan wars can be perfectly accommodated by our server. Clash of Clans private server Android and iOS support is absolutely and completely compatible. It means that gamers who use iOS devices and those who use Android smartphones won’t experience lag or any drawbacks due to the fact they use different devices.

Constructing and the time needed

Besides wars, constructions are the most relevant part of the game. In the Clash of Clans, on the official server, you get two builders. They are responsible for constructing all the buildings and upgrading them. When they are busy, you won’t be capable of building a new construction. In fact, you won’t even be capable of upgrading an existing one. The only solution is to free one builder or to use gems in order to speed up the construction process. Even more severe, you can have maximum 5 builders, which isn’t much.

Here, on our server, you don’t have these annoying limitations. You can use free gems to speed up all constructions, therefore, your builders will be always available for repairing, constructing or upgrading. As you may believe, this hugely shortens the time, needed for you to reach higher levels and get additional capabilities.

Clan communication

Recently, we improved the clan chat. This is an important aspect of a game, which must be properly used in order to maximize the efficiency of the attack. With the latest upgrade, you will have constant contact with all your clan members.

On our Clash of Clans private server online communication has been upgraded accordingly to the feedback of current gamers. As such, you get the ability to communicate without a single drawback. In addition, we highly recommend it to try this form of chat and to improve your verbal success.

An important addition is that there is no lag in communication. All messages are instantly sent and received. On the other side, official server measures lag of 1-2 seconds. In more severe situations, when it is busy, the lag can be extended up to 1 minute!

Play in any language you want

Nowadays, the English language is the main language in the world. All apps, software, movies and games are based on it. The Clash of Clans private server is one of the rare apps that are available in different languages. Right now, you can play in French, Italian, German and Spanish, but additional languages are added each day.

What must be mentioned is that the entire app is specially re-designed to accommodate different languages. We didn’t use the translator just to tweak the app. The bottom line is that if English isn’t your native language, but you are a gamer, now you have the ability to play Clash of Clans as you ever wanted. This is also another difference between our server and the official one. Ours is more gamer-friendly and versatile, therefore it is simpler and better at the same time. Try it once and you will see.

Demerits of Clash of Clans Private Server

As every coin has two sides, playing on COC Private servers can sometimes result into following:

  1. Boredom
    You will start getting bored once you start winning easily with all the unlocked features that you get in the Game.
  2. Limited Interactions
    As most people are playing on SuperCell Official COC servers, there are chances that at times you do not find any match for Clash Of Clans battle.
  3. Slow COC Private Servers
    At times there might be high number of users playing in your Private server which lead to lagging in the game which you will hate.
  4. Data Breach
    If you try out any random COC Private server without verification you might land compromising your precious data as most of the times COC Private Server APKs comes binded with spy tool that might steal files from your Android phone.

Regardless of the demerits of COC Private Server, One can still give it a try and quench the thirst of enjoying Clash Of Clans hack without compromising over the vast interface of real COC Game.

These were just a few of the Latest Updated 2019 Working Clash Of Clans Private Servers in our list which gets all the benefits of real Super Cell Clash Of Clans gaming along with Unlocked unlimited resources of COC while you enjoy the game.

Note: We keep on adding the updates to the same page. Therefore do not forget to bookmark us and subscribe to stay updated.

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